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The Department

Since the application procedures are not the same at all the departments the services that applicants can expect are not the same either. Therefore, you should always start out by contacting the relevant department.

However, as a minimum an applicant can always expect to get help with creating a budget based on the information supplied by the applicant as well as get help with obtaining the necessary signatures for the application. If the application requires special expert advice the department will be able to help the applicant contact relevant people at the faculty, in Researcher Support or elsewhere at SDU.


We can help you with:

  • Updating application registrations (PANDA2)
  • Be a liaison between the department and the faculty’s Researcher Support
  • Perform quality control of applications (check that the formalities are in order, etc.)
  • Practical assistance with writing applications (adjustment of CVs, etc.)
  • Assist the applicant with clearing up formal uncertainties
  • Create budgets, including obtaining offers and qualify the estimates
  • Locate and distribute information about notices to the relevant employees
  • Resolve possible doubts or uncertainties regarding notices
  • Create budgets, including advising on budgets based on notices/experiences with foundations
Obtaining necessary/mandatory signatures

Last Updated 16.08.2016