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The Faculty

Researcher Support at the Faculty of Humanities is organized de-centrally in line with the principle of proximity and with our ambition to offer 'one-stop' service. Every applicant must start their application process by contacting the relevant department, which will either offer help directly or re-direct the applicant to the relevant resources.

The direct support for the processes of writing grant applications and the running of the project is located at the departments. However, the Researcher Support at the Faculty of Humanities (FSH) coordinates across the individual departments and outwardly with the other faculties and the Central Administration as well as with external partners.

The primary task of FSH is, therefore, to initiate organization, development and guidance of the Researcher Support field as well as coordination of internal information. Additionally, FSH heads the collection and analysis of information about application activity, etc. as a foundation for strategic initiatives in the field.

At the same time FSH can also supplement the Researcher Support from the departments by helping with locating possible funding and feedback on writing the application.

In the menu on the right you can get more information about task assignments and the organization of Researcher Support at the Faculty of Humanities.

Last Updated 16.08.2016