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Support - the faculty (EU)

When applying for EU funding the Researcher Support unit at HUM can help with the following tasks:


EU-Start up funding

  • Be the driving force behind the preparation of the grant proposal for the preparation of the application to Horizon2020.



  • Help with registering the applicant and the application in EPSS (Electronic Proposal Submission Service)
  • Fill out A2 – forms in EPSS (Institutional data)
  • Fill out A3- forms in EPSS (Budget)
  • Project coordinator for the application
  • Prepare non-academic parts of the application, including partner descriptions, Gant-diagram and Pert Chart
  • Prepare a draft of the budget in cooperation with the applicant
  • Perform textual criticism on sections such as ”Implementation” and ”Impact”
  • Uploading and submitting the application to EPSS
  • Research members of the relevant review-panel, including comparison of H-index
  • Facilitate contact with the library for calculation of the H-index for the applicant


Contract negotiations

  • Prepare Grant Preparation Forms (GPF) in the online system NFF (Negotiation Form Facility)
  • Contribute to the preparation of the Description of Work (DOW)
  • Collect and communicate the relevant bank information and signatures
  • Upload the work plan into NFF (coordinator only)
  • Prepare the negotiation meeting in Brussels (coordinator only)
  • Participate in the negotiation meeting in Brussels (coordinator only)


Kick-Off meeting

  • Prepare the project’s Kick-Off meeting (coordinator only)
  • Participate in the project’s Kick-Off meeting as needed


Project Start-Up

  • Handling of the Grant Agreement Accession Forms – Form A
  • Project set-up at SDU
  • Collecting and distributing the necessary signatures
  • Contact with coordinator/partners
  • Project coordinator on the Consortium agreement
  • Participate in the local project start-up meeting
  • Development of the project website (coordinator only)
  • Filing in PANDA/SDU-Pro


Project administration

  • Communication with the coordinator
  • Contribute with template for hourly timesheets
  • Upload accounts to online systems
  • Contribute to the drafting of periodic rapports – templates as well as input and review
  • Upload periodic rapports to online systems
  • Participate in project reviews as needed
  • Organize meetings, workshops and conferences (coordinator only)
  • Communication with Project Officer (coordinator only)
  • Communication with Financial Officer (coordinator only)
  • Distribution of pre-financing and interim payments (coordinator only)
  • Collect and validate Form C from partners (coordinator only)
  • Plan project reviews (coordinator only)
  • Maintain project website (coordinator only)

Last Updated 16.08.2016