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STADS-VIP is an online system, where the examination results you record as an internal or external examiner are conveyed directly to the students via the administrative system STADS.

To the right you will find link to login and instructions in the use of STADS-VIP. These are handy when you are recording results in STADS-VIP.

Select NEM-ID in the WAYF list if you are not employed at the University of Southern Denmark

Need technical support?
Start by contacting your programme secretary. If he or she cannot help, Education Law & Registration will be contacted.

UPDATE 14. January 2015 - A number of SDU employees have experienced login problems when choosing University of Southern Denmark in WAYF. If you have this problem please choose Nemid instead.

If you have login problems please contact IT service or tel. 6550 2990.

Last Updated 10.03.2020