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Bachelor’s Admission & Educational Support

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Karoline Pinholt Head of Division 65501044 
Lisbeth Oksvang Hansen Deputy director 65509657 


Bachelor's admission

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Tina Wortmann Administative Coordinator 65502921 
Anne Marie Ladehoff Andreassen Academic Administrative Officer 65503291 
Christina Oxholm Hansen Academic Administrative Officer  
Hoda Farid Academic Administrative Officer 65508796 
Kristoffer Sehestedt Pinholt Academic Administrative Officer 65508798 
Line Juul Academic Administrative Officer 65507262 
Marlene Mortensen Academic Administrative Officer 65509432 
Tine Hartmann Hansen Academic Administrative Officer 65502963 
Danella Granly Administrative Officer  
Lene Damgaard Povlsen Administrative Officer  
Lotte Due Skelskov Bentzen Administrative Officer 65502906 
Mette Zimmer Wrang Administrative Officer 65507321 
Gitte Kremmer Henriksen Office Worker  
Heidi Kristensen Office Worker  
Line Stagelund Office Worker  
Maria Rosengren Nielsen Office Worker  
Trine Uhre  Rasmussen Office Worker 65501344 


Special Educational Support

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Dorthe Haven Administative Coordinator 65507358 
Lisbeth Simmelhag Fabricius Administative Coordinator 65502987 
Kristina Mie Petersen Academic Administrative Officer  
Pia  Skov Administrative Officer 65502893 
Ann Hansen Study Counsellor 65507647 
Bjarne Lind Christensen Study Counsellor 65509052 
Isabella Nielsen Study Counsellor 65508337 
Kathrine Marie Westh Study Counsellor  
Kirstine Temmesen Study Counsellor  
Maria Gundgaard Bærholm Glasdam Study Counsellor  
Maria Svelmøe Brandt Study Counsellor 65504639 
Rasmus Hansen Study Counsellor 65502119 
Tenna Storm Bergmann Study Counsellor  
Dorte Agersnap Henningsen Academic Reading- and Writing Counsellor 65507349 
Iben Steen Olsen Academic Reading- and Writing Counsellor 65507417 
Lisbeth Bjerrum Jensen Academic Reading- and Writing Counsellor  
Mads Snehøj Holm Academic Reading- and Writing Counsellor  
Mette Sjøstrand Berg Academic Reading- and Writing Counsellor  
Ulla Køjner Academic Reading- and Writing Counsellor  


SU grant

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Roxana Bayati Administrative Officer 65504549 
Sanne  Cordt Administrative Officer 65504584 
Helle Damgaard Boeriths Executive Officer 65508951 
Asbjørn Bak Jørgensen Academic Administrative Officer  


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