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Randi Rohde

Data Analyst
SDU Analytics

Phone: +45 6550 9199

What Randi brings to the table

Randi joined SDU in 2018 and has been a part of the team who is building SDU’s internal educational data setup. In that process she has got a great deal of experience in data wrangling in SQL. This includes getting data from raw data sources, cleaning and combining them and making the output ready for data analysis.

Within the field of educational data, she has also been working with reporting of external compliance to The Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The Ministry of Children and Education.

From 2022 Randi is a member of the Research Analytics team where she as a mathematician applies her strong analytical skills.

Primary work areas
  • Research analytics
  • Building SDU's new data structure in the educational data field
  • Reporting of  educational data to The Ministry of Higher Education
  • Reporting of educational data to The Ministry of Children and Education
Lifelong learning
  • SQL + T-SQL and R programming courses
  • PhD in Mathematics (2009)
  • Master of Science in Mathematics and Chemistry (2006) 
Outreach and presentations

Portrait photo of data analyst Randi Rohde