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The Internal Advisory Board

The Internal Advisory Board

To ensure project advanced analytics the necessary knowledge sharing and quality assurance, including identification of synergies and discussions of points of attention, a professionally-based internal advisory board has been set up with representatives from all parts of SDU.


  • Professor, PhD Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard,
    Center for Energy Informatics, Faculty of Engineering
  • Professor, PhD Christian Møller Dahl,
    Department of Business Management and Economics, Social Sciences
  • Professor, PhD Arthur Zimek,
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Science Associate
  • Professor and Head of Studies Ph.D. Annemari Svendsen,
    Department of Sport and Biomechanics, Health Sciences Associate
  • Professor, Ph.D. Jens Jørgen Hansen,
    Department of Design and Communication, Humanities Kolding
  • Post.doc. Zhiru Sun,
    Department of Business Management and Economics, Social Sciences
  • Chief Consultant Per Æbelø, Quality Coordinator,
    TEK Education, Faculty of Engineering
  • Director, Educational Innovation, Anni Søborg,
    Educational Innovation, SDU central administration
  • Head of Digitalization Bue Raun Andersen,
    SDU Digital, SDU central administration
  • Chief Consultant Kristina Dienhart,
    Educational Innovation, SDU central administration
  • CIO Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen,
    IT service, SDU central administration
  • Special Consultant, Pernille Stenkil Hansen,
    SDU University Pedagogy Unit
  • Head of Section Jacob Krummes,
    SDU Research & Innovation Organization (RIO)
  • Deputy Chief Thomas Kaarsted,
    SDU University Library, SDU central administration

The internal advisory board meets every six months to discuss the project's progression, findings, etc.