Principles for the quality assurance and enhancement efforts

The principles will ensure an academic standard, a common knowledge base, and some degree of uniform implementation of the quality policy and the documentation at the faculties and the individual study programmes.

Several principles were implemented at the faculties during the spring 2014 in connection with the implementation of the revised sub-policies; others are still being developed.

The following principles apply to education at SDU:

  • SDU’s Principles for Graduate Dialogue and Monitoring
  • SDU’s Principles for Evaluation of Study Programmes with participation of External Experts
  • SDU’s Principles for Student Evaluations of Entire Study Programmes
  • SDU’s Principles for Study Start 
  • SDU’s Principles for Development of New Study Programmes
  • SDU’s Principles for Evaluation of Teaching

All principles have a uniform design and contain:

  • the overall purpose of the principles
  • clarification of the principles
  • procedure for implementing the principles
  • allocation of responsibility

The implementation memos will explain how the faculties and the Central Administration specifically will implement the individual sub-policies and principles locally.

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