The Quality Policy

SDU’s policy for quality in education is based on a model that reflects the students’ study period from their application and enrolment through their education to their careers after graduation.

The policy for quality in education consists of eight sub-policies. It has been formulated and developed in collaboration with relevant stakeholders at SDU – students, teachers, Heads of Studies and administrative staff.

SDU’s Policy for Quality in Education consists of the following eight sub-policies:

  1. Sub-policy for Recruitment and Admission
  2. Sub-policy for Study Commencement
  3. Sub-policy for Study Environment
  4. Sub-policy for University Teaching and Learning and Teaching Staff Development
  5. Sub-policy for the Research Basis and Knowledge Basis in Study Programmes
  6. Sub-policy for Planning and Development of Programmes and Teaching and Learning
  7. Sub-policy for Student Administration and Student Counselling
  8. Sub-policy for Transition to Employment and Career

All sub-policies have a uniform design and contain:

  • The overall objective of the sub-policy
  • One or more intended outcomes for the individual sub-policy
  • One or more standards for each intended outcome describing an action that contributes to obtaining the intended outcome
  • One or more indicators for each standard. A responsible person and a description of how to document follow-up on the indicator are associated with each standard.

Each sub-policy describes the framework conditions that apply to intended outcomes, standards and indicators in the relevant sub-policy.

The framework conditions are overall distributed in external framework conditions and internal, related documents:

  • current legislation in the area for higher education
  • common European standards and guidelines for SDU’s internal quality control
  • SDU’s strategies and goals
  • Executive Board decisions/policies, e.g., SDU’s language policy, competence profile for staff groups with student contact, memo on direction of studies, SDU’s teaching guarantee, etc.
  • various principles for the quality effort

The sub-policies thus contribute to ensuring that the study programmes stay within these framework conditions in their quality assurance efforts.

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