Documentation and follow-up

Follow-up on the quality assurance and enhancement efforts in and in connection with the study programmes is conducted primarily by the study programmes, the faculties and the Central Administration and through the university’s programme reports, which are prepared every two years.

The programme reports consist of the respective programmes’ follow-up on the quality policy and relevant key indicators, a SWOT-analysis, follow-up on previously agreed on individual action plans between the Head of Studies and the faculty management, and a new action plan agreed upon by the same parties.

The faculties’ programme reports contain a compilation of the reports prepared at study programme level.

The programme report from the Central Administration documents how the different faculties support the quality assurance efforts done at study programme level.

Based on the faculties’ and the Central Administration’s programme reports, SDU’s programme report gives an overall image of the educational quality at SDU. The report is discussed by the Executive Board after discussion of the faculties’ and the Central Administration’s reports in the Council for Education.


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