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International rankings

In this webpage SDU Analytics will take you onboard in a unique area of expertise – the universe of international ranking!

The intension is to introduce the reader to some basic knowledge about the purposes and logic of ranking, and to invite people inside to look at the results and what they can tell us about the work that universities do.

We also hope that this will give insight to how and why we at SDU take part in these international and often complex measuring schemes of the university’s practices.

Welcome to the Ranking Universe!

The future of university ranking

The "ranking universe" is constantly evolving and expanding and the ranking agencies, like everyone else, are getting wiser every year. Therefore, it is a continuous task to keep an eye on various rankings for changes.

At the same time, SDU Analytics works to keep in touch with the major ranking agencies, both to receive feedback and to share experiences. This provides an opportunity for mutual learning in the ranking areas, which is useful both strategically and in practice.

We, at SDU Analytics also work continuously to optimize the ranking submission processes, so that the process becomes better and more efficient especially in the way in which the rest of the organization is involved.

SDU Analytics oversees the coordination, reporting, and monitoring of the international rankings.
Contact: Emilie Lemming Müller, tel: +45 6550 3056, e-mail:

SDU Analytics

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Last Updated 06.10.2023