International rankings

The international rankings state the universities’ positions in relation to one another in accordance with different criteria.
The criteria vary from list to list; some lists attach importance to the age and size of the university; some weigh a Nobel prize highly; others look at international publication of research, typically within a limited number of academic fields, for example natural and health sciences. Very few lists attach any great importance in their rankings to education or knowledge dissemination, which the University of Southern Denmark considers to be important tasks for a Danish university. It is therefore difficult to deduce anything about the quality of a university as a whole from these international rankings.

The University of Southern Denmark appears on the more extensive ranking lists of the best universities in the world and the table below shows the placing of the university on the mentioned international rankings. With the above-named reservations about the value of these rankings in a Danish context, it is nevertheless pleasing to be able to note that the University of Southern Denmark is doing well both nationally and internationally as one of the 17,000 best universities in the world.

The University of Southern Denmark also appear on other rankings. One of them is THE Euroupe Teaching Rankings, where the University of Southern Denmark in 2019 achieved a 28th place as the best ranked university in Denmark. THE Europe Teaching Rankings main focus is on teaching quality and learning opportunity which is reflected in methodology where the students own assessment of their university is taken into consideration through THE’s European Student Survey.


The Strategic Intelligence Unit oversees the coordination, reporting, and monitoring of the international rankings.
Contact: Claus Skov Rosendal, phone: 6550 7132, e-mail:

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