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Student life

Community and a unique study environment
At SDU Slagelse you find a close study environment. From the first introduction day, community and study environment has a large priority .

SDU Slagelse is located in the new campus area with other education institutions, business organisations and entrepreneur environment. We are closely related to them - and you will be a part of the relation, academic and social.

Slagelse - a whole city of activities
Slagelse municipality has approx. 79,000 inhabitants and 35,000 of them live in Slagelse city. Approx. 7,000 students are gathered in Slagelse which offers a wide range of study programmes.

Here you find many branches of sports at a professional level as well as at a general level.

Slagelse offers a wide range of cultural activities such as music, theater, amateur theater , cinema and a sparkling night life. Each June you can take part in Slagelse Festuge  and in September you can join the cultural event Sct. Michaels Nat

Other activities:

The trip to and from Slagelse
The transport to Slagelse from e.g. Copenhagen and Odense is easy  - only 50 minutes from Copenhagen and 30 minutes from Odense by train.

SDU Slagelse is located near the station and the motorway and orbital road is few minutes away. 

Last Updated 29.03.2019