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Campus Council

The Campus Council is an important consultative party in connection with all new initiatives at SDU Kolding. The Campus Council has 4 annual meetings and is intended for:

  • Coordination of joint development projects between faculties, institutes and central administration
  • Discussion of common interest areas at SDU Kolding
  • Information about initiatives in the various departments at  SDU Kolding
  • Informationabout local business and government initiatives.
  • Dissemination of information from and to the executive board of SDU

Members of the Campus Council:

Simon Møberg Torp, campus dean

Marianne Wolff Lundholt, campusmanager and head of department

Steffen Korsgaard, head of department

Bjarne Kay, head of department, Technical Services

Ann Marie Sindt Lauridsen, head of section, Student Services

Claus Trap Christensen, IT-support manager

Gitte Bach Markussen, head of section

Jesper Piihl, head of studies, associate professor

Marianne Ankjær, head of studies, associate professor

Ditte Bjerrisgaard Bundesen, head of communication

Jacob Krummes, SDU RIO

Malu Uldall Møller, Studentcity coordinator

Anne Lieberg, campus coordinator


Last Updated 24.03.2021