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There are no systematised alarms at SDU throughout the building complex. This makes it important for everybody to be familiar with the types of alarm that may be sounded in the area they are occupying. There are three types of alarm at present: an oral alarm, an audible tone alarm and a person-to-person alarm.

Information on types of alarm can be found in the safety information in teaching rooms and conference rooms and in the drawings in the units' local emergency management plans.

In places where fire alarm appliances have been installed there is also information about whether they are internal alarms or external alarms that also notify the fire service when they are activated.

You should therefore always find out which type of alarm there is in the area you are in and follow the instructions from others in connection with an evacuation.

If you are in doubt about which type of alarm there is in a specific building, contact Technical Services on telephone number 6550 8888.

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Last Updated 13.12.2016