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Teaching and meeting rooms

As teaching and conference rooms are often used by people who have no permanent attachment to the area, they are all provided with a notice containing safety information.

Safety information includes:

  1. Site maps showing the location of emergency equipment, including 'Safety points'.
  2. Maximum number of people
  3. Alarm procedures
  4. Access to the nearest escape route
  5. Type of alarm
  6. Regulations
  7. Contact information when there is a need for technical assistance with AV equipment

The reason for the above is that it is not always possible to instruct users with regard to appropriate behaviour in connection with using the rooms.

Teachers at SDU are expected to support common emergency management planning.

There is a guide for teachers containing information about the matters they are expected to be familiar with before, during and after an accident or an incident. See the guide under "Go to" at the bottom of the page.

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Last Updated 13.12.2016