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Personal injury

SDU want to give students, employees and visitors of the university the necessary help to reduce personal injury as soon as possible. To do this employees are instructed and students and visitors of the university are informed how to behave most appropriate in situations of personal injury.

Assistance in the event of personal injury is provided in accordance with the units' local risk assessments and emergency management plans with accompanying access to emergency equipment. Assistance for injured people in the university's public areas can be found at the visible 'Safety points' that contain a first aid box and a defibrillator, cf. the concept for 'Safety points'.

When a need for step-by-step first aid occur, please follow the instructions below:

Limit the accident
Take the injured person to a safe place, stop machines or working processes and switch off

Assess the condition of the person

1. Is he/she unconscious?

A. Make sure his/her airway is open (’A’ for airway).
B. Check his/her breathing (’B’ for breathing).
C. Check his/her pulse (’C’ for circulation).
If an unconscious person is breathing unaided place him/her
in a stable recovery position.

Give life-saving first aid

2. Begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Compress the person’s chest in the middle of the sternum 30 times and then give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation twice. There are defibrillators at ’Safety points’, cf. appendix 3.

3. Stop any bleeding.

Place the injured person on the floor. Press your thumb on the wound if there is serious arterial bleeding. In all other cases of ajor bleeding, lift the injured limb and bandage it tightly.

Call for help
Follow the alarm instructions. Meet the ambulance at the entrance and show the way. Note access points for stretchers. The local Technical services or an emergency management officer can help to guide emergency service personnel, help to limit injury, cordon off the area and inform the emergency management officer about the circumstances of the injury, etc. 


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