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The novel coronavirus

COVID-19: Full access for students and partial access for staff from 21 May

It is delightful news for everyone that the agreement on further reopening of our society, which the government and the parliamentary parties presented on 18 May, also includes a further reopening of the universities.

The agreement entails that SDU is no longer closed and that all students can fully return to campus from Friday 21 May. There is also a plan for a gradual normalisation of physical attendance for all of SDU’s employees, starting on 21 May 2021 and spanning a total of three phases.


From 21 May, 100% of the students can attend SDU’s locations in person.

In order to create predictability and avoid unnecessary disruption for students in relation to teaching and exams in May and June, the faculties’ previously announced plans for in-person and digital activities will, as a rule, remain unchanged.

Employees who have already been approved for access to SDU’s locations due to critical work assignments, undertaking teaching and exams or PhD activities, are not required to follow the phased plan and are allowed to be physically present at SDU’s locations as previously approved.

Other employees should follow this phased plan for physical attendance:

  • Phase 1: From 21 May, 20% of employees can physically show up at SDU’s locations (corresponding to 1 day a week per employee).
  • Phase 2: From 14 June, 50% of the employees can physically show up at SDU’s locations (corresponding to 2.5 days a week per employee).
  • Phase 3: From 1 August, 100% of the employees can physically show up at SDU’s locations (corresponding to 5 days a week per employee).

Each employee will, together with his/her immediate manager, agree on the practical implementation of this phased return to campus. It is also important to emphasise that the reopening will be based on the principles of caution, inclusiveness and trust, which SDU’s management have applied in SDU’s COVID-19 efforts since March 2020.

From 21 May, the library will be fully open for returning/borrowing and other student-oriented activities. For further information, go to

The canteen facilities in Odense and Kolding are still closed but will gradually reopen from week 30 (26 July). In Esbjerg, Slagelse and Sonderborg, the canteens are open to a limited extent and with a limited selection. 

Testing requirements:
All students and staff who show up in person and are present at SDU must be able to document a negative test for COVID-19 (either a PCR test or rapid test/antigen test) performed no more than 72 hours ago. The requirement for a negative test does not apply to students and employees who can present documentation for a positive PCR test that is between 14 and 180 days old or who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 14 days in advance.

SDU expects that the Ministry of Higher Education and Science will issue a new executive order valid from 21 May, which may involve further easing of the testing requirements. In the event of easing, SDU will update its guidelines for tests. For students, see For staff members, please see

Test facilities:
Test facilities are available on all SDU’s campuses to supplement the existing nationwide testing capacity. To locate the test options available on each campus and find info on other practical issues, please go to (for students) or (for staff members).

Requirements regarding distancing and face masks:
The Danish Health Authority still recommends always keeping at least 1 metre apart from other people; 2 metres when possible. Therefore, always remember to keep a safe distance to others, and remind each other of this if necessary.

SDU follows the health authorities’ guidelines regarding the use of face masks or visors. As a rule, all persons present at SDU must wear a face mask or visor when moving around SDU’s busy communal areas. The use of a face mask or visor is a supplementary measure and you must therefore also follow the health authorities’ other guidelines on social distancing, hygiene and cleaning.

Contacting SDU in case of infection with COVID-19:
If you as a student or employee have been confirmed infected with COVID-19, you must notify SDU immediately. As a student, you must register via the corona button in SPOC. As an employee, you must notify your immediate manager that you have been confirmed infected with COVID-19.

Stay informed through our FAQ, which is updated regularly:
For students:
For staff members:

Best regards,
Thomas Buchvald Vind
University Director

Novel coronavirus

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