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The novel coronavirus

SDU urges staff and students abroad to return to Denmark as soon as possible

Denmark's borders will close from Saturday 14th of March at 12 noon until 13th of April as part of efforts to inhibit the spread of COVID-19. (Updated 03/16-2020).

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs discourages all unnecessary travel around the world. SDU therefore encourages staff and students to return home as soon as possible. (link:

For you abroad

If you are a student or an employee on a stay abroad, you must find out if you need to go home as soon as possible or whether you should stay in the country. You should consider:

  • How long is the stay supposed to last? The borders will not be opened until April 13th.
  • Do you have the opportunity to participate in the lessons?
  • Are there any local circumstances that make it impossible for you to stay (visa cancellation, for example)?
  • Consider the quality of the local health system. If the system has limited capacity and corona patients occupy seats, is there a possibility of treatment if you become ill?


For foreign guests

If you are a guest or foreign student on the way to University of Southern Denmark  from abroad, we encourage you not to visit us this time. You can risk being rejected at the Danish borders, including airports. Until 13 April, it is not possible to enter the country unless you have a recognizable purpose for entering, for example living or working in Denmark or having to deliver goods to Denmark.

We must clarify that you, as a foreign student, should also be rejected, even if you are already enrolled at the University of Southern Denmark. The institution is closed and no physical teaching is conducted. Therefore, unless you can prove that you are domiciled in Denmark, you must not travel to Denmark until there is a certainty that we will again conduct physical teaching.

Read more about the entry restrictions (link:

Novel coronavirus

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