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The novel coronavirus

Goodbye to COVID-19 – almost

After 1½ years, the corona epidemic has come under control in Denmark, but staff and students at SDU are still encouraged to demonstrate responsibility to help prevent a new outbreak of the epidemic.

On 10 September 2021, the Danish authorities stopped categorising COVID-19 as a disease posing a critical threat to society. The corona epidemic has come under control in Denmark as a very large part of the population has been vaccinated.

At SDU, we follow the authorities’ instructions, and therefore the university will no longer have specific guidelines for handling and tracking COVID-19. As COVID-19 is not under control worldwide, staff and students travelling and staying outside Denmark will still have to follow the instructions of the Danish and the local authorities.

At SDU, however, we continue to hold on to the good principles that have guided the university’s epidemic management since March 2020: caution, inclusiveness and trust. The hope is that staff and students will continue to follow the principles and show common sense, which have been characteristic of the staff’s and students’ efforts during the lockdown.

So, what should be done about infection?
If you become infected with coronavirus, you are encouraged to inform your fellow students, lecturers or colleagues, so that we ensure that everyone is tested quickly and that the excellent semester start without restrictions will continue.

Contact your faculty if you need help informing any relevant people who may have been close contacts.

Vaccination in Odense on 27 September
On Monday, 6 September, it was possible to be vaccinated against coronavirus without making an appointment on Campusvej, Odense. OUH (Odense University Hospital) is responsible for the vaccination offer, and therefore it is offered only in Odense.

The vaccination team will be back on Monday, 27 September. The vaccination will again take place at the main entrance on Campusvej by ‘Panorama’ just after the big stairway, and it is possible to get either the 1st or 2nd vaccination.

Thank you for your efforts
Once again, thank you so much for the great efforts of staff and students during the university lockdown since March 2020. We can now enjoy a normalised everyday life at the university and in Denmark.

Novel coronavirus

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