The novel coronavirus

New extension of the lockdown up to and including 10 May 2020

At a press conference held on 6 April at 8:00 p.m., the Prime Minister announced that all higher education institutions will remain closed until 10 May (inclusive) due to the coronavirus situation.

The lockdown of SDU is thus extended from 13 April until (and including) 10 May. All of SDU's precautions regarding home working, distance learning, work-related trips etc. will therefore remain in effect until 10 May.

The government has decided that students in their last semester of community-critical health and medical degree programmes should have the opportunity to complete their education by physically participating in classes and sitting for exams at the institutions, if deemed crucial to the completion of the degree programme.

SDU will discuss with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science which programmes must have physical access and what conditions will apply. We will then get back to our students and staff with further information.

Novel coronavirus

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