Department of Business and Economics

Department of Business and Economics

We are an international department that contributes to economic and societal research, education and dissemination at a high academic level.

The Department of Business and Economics is a department under the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. The department has locations in Odense, Kolding and  Slagelse. Head of Department is Lone Grønbæk.


The department has a strong tradition for high-quality research within the fields of economics and business. The research covers both theoretical and empirical subjects, but the use of economic theory and quantitative methods, such as mathematics, statistics, econometrics and computer science, characterizes most research projects. The research activities at the department are organized within four groups and the  department is involved in different cross-disciplinary areas.  We also wish to strengthen our competences through collaboration with public and private organizations nationally as well as internationally through the unit OECONOMIA. The unit offers research-based consultancy in the form of economic analyses.

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