Particle physics, supercomputers and green nuclear energy

Tuesday the 25th of Feb. at 16.00 in Auditorium O100 at SDU. Sign up - Name and number of participants can be mailed to Lilian Skytte:

In the next lecture night in the Inspire Educate Innovate series, we will study the mysteries of the strong nuclear force, its uses in energy technology, and political significance. Not least we get visits from Danish Seaborg Technologies. Tonight's easily accessible lectures are aimed at high school students and university students with an interest in physics, computer science, technology and science in general.
The strong nuclear force holds atomic nuclei together and controls the quarks inside protons and neutrons and in the early Universe. The force is very strong and very challenging to study and therefore it is necessary to develop and use supercomputer calculations.
But it is perhaps also the only fundamental natural force we know and it has also given completely new knowledge of the guiding principles behind the construction of nature?
Nuclear energy bound through the strong nuclear force has a huge potential as a green, safe and completely carbon neutral energy source. Danish Seaborg Technologies is in the process of investigating just that.


Program for the event:

16.00 Introduction to the strong nuclear force and a new  paradigm for particle physics in the early universe? - Associate Professor Mads T. Frandsen, CP3-Origins, SDU

16.30 Seaborg - Rethinking Nuclear - Esben Klinkby, Co-founder Seaborg Technologies,

17.15 Break

17.30 The strong force and nuclear physics on supercomputers (in Engelish) - Associate Professor John Bulava, CP3-Origins, SDU

18.00 Nuclear energy in a historical and political perspective - Associate Professor Casper Sylvest, Center for koldkrigsstudier, SDU

18.30 Sandwich and discussion.




  • Mar 2017 -  Martin Bennetzen, Senior Reservoir Engineer Maersk Oil, PhD in biophysics from SDU and Berlingske Talent 2016 gave a talk on: Om udvinding af olie – en faglig beskrivelse og personlig fortælling. Organized by Inspire Educate Innovate.
  • Feb 2017 - Gianmaria Sannino,  Head of Climate and Impact modeling Lab ENEA in Rome gave a talk on: Predicting the weather and projecting the future climate. Organized by Inspire Educate Innovate.
  • Dec 2016 -  Heinrich Päs, Professor of Physics at Dortmund University, gave a talk with the title: Neutrinos from the Nobel Prize into the Universe of Grand Unified Theories, Extra Dimensions and Time Travel. Organized by Inspire Educate Innovate.
  • Nov 2016 - Mads Toudal Frandsen delivered four lectures organized by the Danish University Extension in Kolding and Aalborg.
  • Mads Toudal Frandsen will present the Inspire Educate Innovate program for members of the young academy a section of the royal danish academy of sciences and letters.
  • June 2016 – Visit from Palantir, a private American software and services company, specializing in big data analysis, to CP3-Origins. Organized by Inspire Educate Innovate.
  • May 2016 – Fabrikant Mads Clausens Fond awards Inspire Educate Innovate ca. 4500 Euros for a demonstration cloud chamber. Joint with PhD students  Kasper Langaeble and Niklas Grønlund Nielsen at CP3-Origins.
  • November 2015 – Physics outreach day at SDU with researchers and physicists in the medical, banking and tech sectors. Organized by Inspire Educate Innovate.
  • October 2015 – Chris Ferguson,  the last commander of the space shuttle and Boeing’s Deputy Program Manager, Operations, for the Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 Starliner program, visited SDU to give a lecture for high school and university students. Organized by Inspire Educate Innovate.

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