Booking and Fees

Booking and Fees

Flow Cytometry:
All sorting appointments must also be made via direct contact with Lars Vitved or Ulla Melchior Hansen or by phone +45 6550 3789/ +45 2478 2285 in order to make reservations.

For available hours please contact:

The Core Facility operates as a non-profit unit. The rates are regulated yearly to cover maintenance expenses such as service-contracts, spare parts and reagents.


Users from the University of Southern Denmark
and OUH associated from the Institute of Clinical Research

With technician assistance                                                                DKK 500 per hour

LSR II, cellular analysis                                                                        DKK 250 per hour

FACS Aria III, cell sorting                                                                   DKK 250 per hour


Users outside the University of Southern Denmark

With technician assistance                                                                DKK 1000 per hour

LSR II, cellular analysis                                                                         DKK 500 per hour

FACS Aria III, cell sorting                                                                    DKK 500 per hour

The amount charged will be based on the booked time, adjusted to the nearest ½ hour.

For FACS Aria III: An additional 1 hour will be added to the actual runtime to cover normal set-up and shut-down procedures.
If no technical assistance is required for the FACS Aria III, the fee will be as LSR II pricing.

For “outsourced” data acquisition by the Core Facility technicians (running the machinery in absence of yourself) there will be an additional fee of an extra 30 min – 1 hour, depending on the extent of the analysis. Data files are transferred to the server: sunfiles/Sund-Alle/facs-core.

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