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The SDU Supercomputer Challenge is a competition in which SDU students help businesses solve difficult problems. As a part of the project, executable programs are granted access to SDU’s supercomputer ABACUS 2.0, to test their solution.

This means that your business has the opportunity to get free run time on Denmark’s largest supercomputer, and to solve a problem which might otherwise cost you months’ worth of man hours and significant economic resources.

Your problem may require anything from analyzing human behavior on social media, to calculating energy efficiency in a complex chain of production – or something completely different.

How it works

First you confer with our Project Manager Peter Bækgaard Madsen to determine if your problem can be solved with the aid of a supercomputer. If it has potential, we invite you to the first workshop which takes place on 15 March 2017 at SDU.

In this workshop you present your problem to the student participants, who then choose which project they would like to lend their talents to. It’s imperative that you attend this workshop, as this is your opportunity to recruit young problem solvers for your particular project.

After this workshop the students are divided into groups of three or four. Over the next few months the university offers them guidance, and your company is expected to allocate a number of hours to collaborate with and guide the students.

Workshop two, in which the teams’ proposed solutions are presented and evaluated, takes place in May. After this the teams program their solutions, and the results are presented in the semifinal in August.

The programs which passed the semifinal will now run on the ABACUS. The project runs until the final in November 2017, where the finished programs and their solutions are presented before the panel of judges.

Obviously it’s in your best interest to assist the students and provide them with the very best conditions to succeed. But even if your project doesn’t reach the final computing phase, you’ll still be able to continue your collaboration with the students interested in your project.

Please note that it is longer possible to sign up for the 2017 SDU Supercomputer Challenge.