Who and what - internship

For students in Odense

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Internship coordinators

Questions regarding internship please contact your internship coordinator: 

Institute of Technology and Innovation
Civil Engineering - Odense: Gry Green Linell, phone +45 6550 7560
Global Management and Manufacturing - Odense: Tom Sterobo, phone +45 6550 9380  
Integrated Design- Odense: Anders Jensen, phone +45 6550 7416
Mechanical engineering - Odense: Niels Dyring, phone +45 6550 7496
Management Engineering and Manufacturing: Bettina Hansen, phone +45 6550 7489

Institute of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology
Chemical Engineering - Odense: Birgitte Lilholt Sørensen, telefon +45 6550 7473

Mads Clausen Institute
Electronics - Odense: Jørgen Jeppe Madsen, phone+45 6550 7408
Electrical Energy Technology - Odense: Jørgen Jeppe Madsen, phone+45 6550 7408

The Maersk Mc- Kinney Moller Institute
Robot Systems - Odense: Jørgen Jeppe Madsen, phone+45 6550 7408
Software Technology - Odense: Jørgen Jeppe Madsen, phone+45 6550 7408

International internship

For internship abroad please contact TEK-Internationalisation: International coordinator Henrik Johnsen Vindt, Phone +45 2778 7458

Administration of international documents and standards - All inquiries to SDU International.

For students in Sønderborg

Please contact  Bente Olsen on telephone +45 6550 1601 or email beo@mci.sdu.dk

For companies

If your company is looking for an engineering intern, or you want general information about the internship, please contact Innovation advisor Lone Søvad Madsen, tel.: +45 6550 9644 or e-mail lsma@tek.sdu.dk, or Bente Olsen (Sønderborg): +45 6550 1601 or email beo@mci.sdu.dk


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