Education & Quality

Clinical Skills Laboratory

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Pia E. Andersen Secretary 65503944 
Kirsten Elisabeth Garbo Uddannelseskoordinator 65503018 


Logistics, Scheduling and Clinical Placements

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Emilie Louise Holk Academic Administrative Officer 65507137 
Jonas Skovrup Gormsen Academic Administrative Officer  
Kristina Hyllekvist Arildsen Study administrator  
Yvonne Ørnebjerg Study administrator 65502982 


Support for Programme Leaders and Study Boards

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Rikke Fisker Christensen Study Coordinator 65503043 
Kirsten Zeuthen Study Coordinator 65503234 
Knud Møller  Hansen Study administrator 65507681 
Maria Dyrup Hansen Study administrator 65503874 
Anne-Sofie Holm Arnoldus Study administrator  
Lise Kæmsgaard Kirkedal Study administrator 65503698 
Janne Krogh Study administrator 65504216 
Susanne Nicolaisen Study administrator 65502975 


Teaching and Exam Administration

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Lene Kroløkke Pedersen Administrative Officer 65503677 
Linda Fritze Madsen Study administrator 65504215 
Laila Møller Hansen Study administrator 65507140 
Inge Poetzsch Study administrator 65502738 
Lise Christensen Academic Administrative Officer 65502703 
Leni Grue Jørgensen Academic Administrative Officer 65507136 
Ditte Nygaard Academic Administrative Officer 65502738 
Andreas Stokke Academic Administrative Officer 65509039 


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