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About SDU

We break boundaries and shape the future

It’s a time of great challenges. Climate change, demographic development, pandemics, cyber threats and a changing global economy are significant challenges that the University of Southern Denmark must and will address.

We know that world-class research and education and new partnerships are the foundation for solutions – because the major societal challenges are characterised by being both complex and multifaceted. If we want to create lasting, positive change, we need to bring new, research-based – and often interdisciplinary – knowledge into play. In this regard, the University of Southern Denmark must continue to be an indispensable player.

We recognise – and uphold – academic freedom. Freedom of research and teaching as well as debate and expression are prerequisites for the University of Southern Denmark’s staff and students to create and disseminate new discoveries.

It’s all happening in a changing environment. Both the Danish and European grant landscapes are in flux. Demographics are changing. There will be fewer young people and more older people. We need to offer flexible educational formats even more for a digital society and labour market.

Editing was completed: 02.11.2023