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Annual University Celebration

Menu for the gala dinner

See the exciting menu you get to enjoy if you participate in the gala dinner.

This year, we have sought to use the entire produce to avoid food waste.


  • Brandade of saithe fillet w/ Brussels sprout salad
  • Beef rillette w/ tarragon mayo, pickled onions and pumpkin seeds
  • Confitated portobello mushroom w/ mustard cream and pea shoots

Main course:

  • Chicken ballotine w/ fresh cheese and herbs
  • Jerusalem artichokes served in 3 ways (baked, crisps, purée)
  • Polenta chips w/ spinach and chickpeas
  • Bulgur w/ kale and grilled bell pepper


  • Lemon pie
  • Chocolate mousse w/ berry compote
  • Macarons
  • Morbier cheese w/ citrus jam and crispbread

Served with bread and whipped chive butter.
½ bottle of white or red wine & 1 bottle of spring water

Beer, non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks are sold separately.

Special needs

If you have any special needs, you can sign up for our vegan menu, which provides for vegans, vegetarians, nut allergies and gluten and lactose intolerance.

If you would like this menu, please email your name and designated table number to no later than Monday 10 October 2022.