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Annual University Celebration

SDU’s Annual University Celebration 2020

Every year, the University of Southern Denmark celebrates its foundation at the traditional annual celebration on the last Friday in October.
But this is not the case in 2020. The world got hit by a corona pandemic.

2020: Virtual celebration of the year that passed at SDU

Unfortunately, this annual university celebration will take place at home in the dining room through the participants’ computers. The large auditoriums at SDU will be empty. The corridors will not resonate with many international voices and languages. The tables will not be laid for thousands of happy dinner guests, and dinner jackets and long dresses will be hanging at home feeling bored in the wardrobes.

But – we will not be defeated that easily. We will have the celebration online just this once, and we expect that we will meet physically for the annual celebration in October 2021.

This year, despite COVID-19, the programme is more or less the same as usual. At least the first part of it. You will meet the university’s Rector and Chair of the Board as well as the representative of the almost 30,000 students. And of course also honorary doctorates, doctors and many different prize recipients. Read about the prizes. Watch and listen to the speeches. We have something to say. That’s why we’re doing this.

Take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Maybe you should put on your evening wear after all? And join us for the annual celebration that will not be held.