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Narrative Medicine



A creative writing workshop course can advantageously be run over 6 times of 2-3 hours duration. Experience from previous courses has shown that this ensures a good benefit for the participants.


When the course extends over several times, the participants are given the opportunity to reflect on the writing exercises from time to time.


Physical framework

Creative writing workshops should take place in rooms that can help create security for the participants.


If there are resources for it, it is a good idea to have some form of catering under the writing workshops. This can help create an environment where participants feel safe enough to write and share their texts by reading aloud. 



Team size

A creative writing workshop is a group-based offer. The exercises are intended for the participants to write, share, listen to, read aloud and reflect on their own as well as others' stories.

Previous research shows that 10-12 participants per author in a group should strive to ensure a safe and present environment.



At the start of a writing workshop course, the participating facilitator/therapist tells about the course and the purpose of the writing workshop, so that the participants know what to expect. The participating therapist, author og facilitator should also briefly point out that it is not the participants' illness and course of illness that is the focus of the workshop. In addition, it is important to tell what the roles and tasks of the therapist / host and author are during the workshop, so that it is clear to the participants who they should go to if they need support.

When starting a course in creative writing, it is recommended to start with a short presentation round, where the participants tell who they are, where they live and why they want to participate in this course


Last Updated 30.06.2024