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Charlotta Pisinger is Denmark's only professor of tobacco and nicotine prevention

For several years, Charlotta Pisinger has had a close and very fruitful collaboration with tobacco researchers at the National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark. She is therefore employed in the professorship that will strengthen and formalize this collaboration.

The professorship is funded by TrygFonden.

Charlotta Pisinger is employed at the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention at Bispebjerg-Frederiksberg University Hospital.
Twenty years ago, Charlotta Pisinger abandoned patients and the classic role of doctor and instead chose research as her 'main profession', and she then supplemented medical education with a master's degree in public health. 

Her research areas revolve around smoking and nicotine products, e.g. e-cigarettes. Currently, she conducts research into the development of better forms of smoking cessation and nicotine cessation services for young people, cancer patients and mentally ill citizens. In addition to this, she has had a special focus on the tobacco industry and often describes the industry's instruments and actions. This has often caused some bumps; Among other things, she has been reported by a tobacco company for scientific misconduct. This was rejected. 
Meet the researcher

Charlotta Pisinger is employed at the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention at Bispebjerg-Frederiksberg University Hospital.


About Charlotta Pisinger

Charlotta Pisinger graduated as a doctor from the University of Copenhagen in 1988 and worked for several years in hospitals, including a year in the Faroe Islands. The years in the pulmonary medicine department opened her eyes to the extensive consequences of smoking, and smoking prevention became her research focus. She was also trained as a smoking cessation counsellor and gained experience in helping patients and citizens out of nicotine addiction.

She is married to Niels Ulrich. They have five children and four grandchildren. Charlotta Pisinger fled Prague with her parents and two siblings at the age of eight and ended up in Denmark.

Charlotta Pisinger is widely used as a speaker around the world and has received several Danish and international awards, most recently the Public Health Award. She has given presentations in the European Parliament, held positions of trust in many medical societies and contributed to national and international recommendations, including for the WHO, which also uses her as an expert. She is a tireless communicator in the field of tobacco, e.g. in feature articles and podcasts, at home and abroad. In addition, she is often in dialogue with politicians at Christiansborg and is passionate about research having an impact on legislation.

Charlotta Pisinger's PhD thesis was prepared at the Research Centre for Prevention and Health at Glostrup Hospital, with Professor Torben Jørgensen, who became her mentor. The dissertation dealt with a lifestyle intervention offering support for smoking cessation. 

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