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Guidance on examination appeals

As a student, there may be situations in connection with examinations, where you don't think you have been treated fairly. The rules on how to complain – and how the appeal is dealt with - can be found in the Ministerial Orders concerning respectively;

In the event of a discrepancy between the translation and the Danish version, the Danish text published in the Danish Law Gazette - - shall be valid. 


Considerations before filing an appeal

However, before writing and submitting an examination appeal, it may be a good idea to contact the examiner and ask for the detailed reasons for your assessment. Please be aware that you do not have the right to receive a written explanation.

Please be aware that the deadline for appeals must be complied with even if you have not got an answer from the examiner. There is no problem in submitting your appeal to The Study Administration - Legality Team, although you have not spoken with the examiner.

We also recommend that you consider what you expect to gain from the appeal. Are you hoping for a re-assessment and a higher grade? Or perhaps a re-examination?

Deadline for appeals

The appeal must be sent to the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences and must be submitted no later than two weeks after the publication of the assessment. The date for the publication is:
•    For oral exams it is the date on which you are taking the exam.
•    For written exams it is the date on which the exam result has been published via Student Self-Service - but no earlier than the date for publication announced at the examination plan

Submission of appeal

Your examination appeal must be submitted via SPOC.

All correspondence in connection with your appeal will be sent to you via SPOC.


Your appeal must be in writing and reasoned. This means, for example, that it is not enough to write that you should receive a higher grade because you have followed the lectures or that your fellow students have gotten higher grades for the same performance, etc. The more precise and detailed your appeal is about your exam performance, the higher are the requirements to the assessor’s response to your appeal.

Appealing because of a failed exam?

If you failed an exam and have filed an appeal, we recommend that you register for the re-exam anyway. That way, you will avoid lagging behind in your studies, should the appeal not be judged in your favour.

What happens after you have submitted an appeal?

You will, within a couple of days, receive a receipt letter by e-mail from the Legality Team upon receipt of the appeal. If the appeal concerns the basis for examination (exam questions, tasks, including its relation to the syllabus), the assessment or the examination process, the appeal is sent - after obtaining relevant information - to the original assessor(s). The assessor(s) usually has 2 weeks from receiving the appeal, to give their opinion on the appeal to the Faculty.

Hereafter you will have the opportunity to comment on the assessor’s opinion.  If the faculty consider that your comments contain new information to the case, a new consultation procedure takes place, in which your comments are sent to the assessor(s) for additional statements, and you are subsequently given the opportunity to comment again. Hereafter the Faculty will make a decision, and it may have one of the following outcomes:

•    Offer of a new assessment (re-assessment with new assessors), however not possible with oral examinations
•    Offer of a new exam (re-exam)
•    The appeal will not be judged in your favour

If the decision ends with an offer of a re-assessment or re-exam, please be aware that the reassessment or re-examination may result in a lower grade.
If the decision ends with the appeal not being judged in your favour, you may bring the decision of the academic questions before a board of appeals.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact the Legality Team at

Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet

  • Campusvej 55
  • Phone: +45 6550 4370

Last Updated 04.07.2024