Sønderborg Arrival

International Guides
A guide is a student from the University of Southern Denmark who works as a contact-person for exchange/guest students. All exchange/guest students share around 4 guides. The guide will meet you on arrival and show you where you are going to live. He/she will have the key for your room, if you have applied for a room at one of the dorms, and will introduce you to the University and to Sønderborg.

Be aware that the guides are students who work on a voluntary basis. They are asked to be on stand-by in the last week of January/August to be ready to meet with you. If you come sooner than that, you cannot expect a guide to be available.


The guides will have the keys for your accommodation and will help you get settled.

If your arrival is delayed or any other problems concerning your arrival, please contact your international guide or the international office. Please remember that the office closes at 14:00 and is not open on weekends.

A guide will be appointed to you and his/her contact information is emailed to you.

How to get to Sønderborg

By train

The train station is just opposite Campus. Trains arrive every second hour. Plan your train journey here 

By bus

The bus station is in central Sønderborg. Plan your journey here.

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