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Serguei Chiriaev

Associate Professor
The Mads Clausen Institute, SDU NanoSYD

Phone: +4565507250
Webpage: Home page

Zeiss ORION NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope combines He+, Ne+ and Ga + focused ion beams for imaging and nanofabrication. It has ultra-high resolution (0.4 nm with He+ beam), large focus depth and high surface sensitivity. Charge compensation for imaging electrically-insulating samples is provided with an electron flood gun. The instrument covers both micro- and nano-machining applications.


It is currently used for imaging and nanofabrication in a broad range of material systems. Further information can be found on our homepage:


Below are images a) of the Zeiss ORION NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope installed at MCI/NanoSyd, B) of ZnO crystals imaged with Helium Ion beam.