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Maria Bloksgaard

Assistant Professor
Department of Molecular Medicine

Phone: +4565507579
Webpage: Personal webpage

Home page of  Maria Bloksgaard


In her research Maria uses:

FV1000 combined multiphoton and confocal microscope housed at the Confocal and FACS core facility at IMM. HIt has  an excellent 25x NA1.05 water dipping objective and possibility for extended time housing of animals used for live animal imaging.

Purposes: imaging of live and fixed specimens, combination of 1P and 2P imaging (see among others JVR paper)


Nikon Two Photon at DaMBIC NAT:

Live resistance artery imaging in custom built pressure / perfusion chamber (see AJP paper)


Fluorescence lifetime imaging of reactive oxyen species (see BJP paper)


Nikon widefield at DaMBIC NAT:

Imaging of histological, multicolored/stained sections