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Henrik Daa Schrøder

Overlæge Professor
Odense Universitetshospital

Phone: +45 6541 4801
Webpage: SDU page

Specs JEOL electron microscope JEM-1400 plus

Examples  of research:

















Electron microscopic image showing myofibrillary  disorganization in skeltal muscle from a person with congenital myopathy due to a mutation in a gen coding for a Z-band protein (scale bar 20µm).








Immuno EM labeling of an interstitial cell in skeletal muscle. In this case the staining are performed as a pre embedding stain with conventional peroxidase labelling. During the standard osmification the DAB binds osmium to form a black, granular product (arrows) (Scale Bar 2µ).

















Elecron microscopic immage of a myoblast (M)cultured on PLGA micro beads (B)(scale bar 10µm).