Other Equipment

  Another equipment:
  1. MALDI TOF MS instrument 
  2. Perkin Elmer Enspire 2300 for colorimetry and luminescence/AlphaLISA.  Absorbance filter sets; 405 nM; 450 nM; 570 nM; 650 nM
  3. BioRad Chemidoc XRS: Filter sets: Cy-3 630 BP30; Tex-Red 560DF50 for Q-Dot WB.
  4. µ-XRF (BrukerNano ARTAX-800). Up to 50 kV. Peltier cooled detector. X-ray spot size on target is 60 µm. Max Imaging area is 5 x 5 cm.
  5. LA-ICP-MS (Bruker M90 Aurora, and a LA by CETAC LSX-213 NdYAG). Laser spot size from 10 to 150 µm. Practical max imaging size of ca. 6 mm x 4 mm.
  6. Becton Dickinson LSR II Flow Cytometer
  7. Becton Dickinson FACSAria III Cell Sorter and Analyser


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