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Computational facilities and Image analysis software

Image Analysis software and workstations offered at SDU to perform image analysis

1. Linux workstation at DaMBIC:

Huygens for image deconvolution, ImageJ/Fiji, MATLAB, Icy for 3D image rendering, Ilastik for interactive image classification, 

2. Windows  workstation at DaMBIC:

  ImageJ/Fiji, VistaVision for for image acquisition, image processing and image display, ATLAB, Icy for 3D image rendering, LAS X for Leica images, CellProfiler software for quantitative analysis of biological images, FlimFit for FLIM adata analysis, 3D Slicer for image processing, and three-dimensional visualization, Microscopy Image Browser (MIB), Adobe Creative Cloud, JPK SPM Data Processing for AFM images

3.  Data Analysis Workstations at  Flow Cytometry Facility:

The LSR II and the FACSVantage/Diva cell-sorter employ PC-based DIVA software.  ata analysis workstations (PC and MAC), accessing FACSCORE shared Network server, are available for data processing with Cell Quest Pro software, DIVA-software and FLOWJo-software.


The ABACUS 2.0 supercomputer - DeiC National HPC centre is a state-of-the-art solution optimized for a wide range of applications in computational science and technology. Current applications cover advanced modeling and simulations in chemistry, material science, biophysics, high-energy physics, engineering, computational medicine, archeology as well as scientific data visualization.

Last Updated 19.09.2021