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Royal Microscopical Society –

Swedish Bioimaging –

Eurobioimaging –

German Bioimaging –

European light microscopy initiative –

Bioimaging Finland –

Bioimaging Norway –

Danish Biomaging Network -

Lightsources provides information and updates about light sources around the world. 

ESS Neutron spalation source in Lund, Sweden due to open to users in 2023.

DANSCATT  Danscatt is an instrument centre for the Danish users of synchrotron- and neutron-sources as well as free-electron X-ray lasers.  It provides funding for travels to experiments and provides advice for new users. It supports the Danish memberships in ESS, E-XFEL, ESRF and ILL, as well as strategic collaborations with PSI and MAX IV.  DANSCATT is supported by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Neutron Sources Lists neutron sources and provides information material and news on research using neutron beams.


Last Updated 25.05.2020