The publications in the right column have been given a letter and a number to make them easier to find. The letter “E” beside an article, means that it has been published in a journal in English.

If the publication is marked as a link, it will lead you directly to the article. If you cannot find the article you are looking for, please send a mail to

  • M = Monographs
  • E = Scientific articles published in English journals
  • N = Scientific articles published in Nordic journals
  • A = Reviews, debates og mediated articles
  • R = Reports and work papers  
  • K = Conference presentations

    An example:
    E97 refers to article number 97 under 'Scientific articles published in English language journals':
          Arendt, M. & Elklit, A. (2001) Effictiveness of Psychological Debriefing. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 104, 1-15.

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