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Gamified ACTP treatment

There is a lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of attentional control training program (ACTP) in clinical alcohol use disorder (AUD) samples. Thus, the main aim of this study is to investigate whether primary pharmacological and psychological evidence-based alcohol treatment can be enhanced by implementing a gamified ACTP smartphone application as an add-on treatment for younger AUD patients. Gamification is defined as the use of game-design features in a non-gaming context, such as in a psychological treatment setting, to make interventions more engaging, enjoyable, and motivating for participants [1]. Further, the study also aims to investigate whether a gamified version of ACTP can be successfully delivered via a smartphone application as an add-on.



[1] Hoffmann, A., Christmann, C.A., & Bleser, G. (2017). Gamification in Stress Management Apps: A Critical App Review. JMIR Serious Games, 5(2).

Last Updated 26.01.2021