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Slow On the Bottle – Enjoy the Road: Understanding Practices (SOBER-UP)

SOBER-UP will measure and alter driving under the influence (DUI) implicit attitudes in a sample of DUI drivers. SOBER-UP will apply behavioral training to change implicit attitudes of DUI convicted drivers, as well as try to improve the existing behavioral training methods with aims of stronger training effects. We know that implicit attitudes direct spontaneous behavior better than explicit ones, meaning that if DUI is not a result of careful consideration, it is likely that implicit attitudes are the drive behind the problem behavior.


The aims of SOBER-UP is to alter implicit attitudes in a samples of DUI offenders and increase the knowledge already gained in SOBER about attitudinal change by validating the attitude change process with other physiological measures. The project will run in three phases. In the first phase we will measure and change implicit attitudes towards DUI among DUI drivers. In the second phase we try to enhance the effect of Approach/Avoidance Task (ATT) by revising the ATT in predictable ways. At last, in the third phase we measure and change implicit attitudes (with the improved AAT) towards DUI among DUI drivers.

The results will not only increase knowledge about the relationship between DUI explicit, implicit attitudes and behavior, but also introduce a new method for DUI intervention. The project is a template of opportunity as the results and methods can be applied to other areas of interest, for example implicit attitudes towards health-related topics.

Last Updated 02.09.2021