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Since 1st January 2018 22 alcohol treatment institutions in Denmark has offered CRAFT to relatives to a person with alcohol addictionas a part of a research project launched by the Unit for Clinical Alcohol Research (UCAR), University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

CRAFT is counselling and guidance to people who are relatives to an alcoholic person, who does not want to enter treatment. The purpose of CRAFT is to give the relatives tools to change their own behavior and enhance their drive by three ways:

  • To be able to motivate the one who has a problem with alcohol to enter treatment.
  • To be better to manage problems between themselves and the one who is drinking
  • To develop strategies to take care of themselves in risky situation, e.g. if the one who is drinking are violent.

In the research project CRAFT is offered as an individual, group or self-help intervention. The 18 institutions have drawn lots about what treatment they will offer. When a relative apply in the alcohol treatment they are offered to participate in CRAFT in one of the three versions of the intervention (individual, group or self-help). The individual therapy and the group therapy proceed through 6 sessions and are handled by therapists, who are educated in the CRAFT-method. At the self-help intervention the relatives gets a self-help book, which they have to read themselves.

The participating 17 alcohol treatment institutions:


Jutland:             Aarhus, Syddjurs, Esbjerg, Silkeborg, Thisted and Randers

Zealand:    Novavi in Glostrup, Amager, Herlev, Hvidovre, Køge,

                                 Lyngby, KABS City and Roskilde.

Funen: Odense, Svendborg and Nyborg.


The research project is supported by Trygfonden, Psykiatriens forskningsfond and University of Southern Denmark.


More about the project

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Last Updated 08.02.2021