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Elderly Wellbeing and Alcohol                        - A Tricky Cocktail

Elderly’s alcohol consumption still poses an increasing challenge to the elderly care. Alcohol is a health risk to the elderly, but it is still associated with partying, coziness, zest for life and broad-mindedness. Thus, the nursing staff is facing an almost permanent dilemma.

Together with the nursing staff and the welfare administration in Vejle municipality the project Elderly Wellbeing and Alcohol - A Tricky Cocktail will contribute to develop procedures and guidelines to the field. Tools to use in conversations, that could be diffcult because of the topic’s sensitivity and the elderly’s reduced cognitive abilities. The relatives will also be involved. Concurrent, a philosophic theory about how to manage value-based conflicts in practice must be developed. A theory about the good life as an elderly, that can support the municipality in the work with the innovation goal at the welfare area, is also being developed.

Read more about the project at Danish Humanistic Dementia Research (DHD).

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Last Updated 08.02.2021