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The Relay Project

In the Relay project we examine if a RCT-study, which took place at selected somatic departments in Odense and Aabenraa, increase the amount of people, who seeks public alcohol treatment, when they need it. The patients filled out a questionnaire, where their alcohol consumption were screened using AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test) and the patients who scored 8 or more points were included in the study.

The intervention consisted of  staff from the alcohol treatment talking to the patients about their alcohol consumption for 20 minutes. The patients in the control group received the normal treatment, which often is getting a brochure from the staff at the department. 12 months after the patients are discharged, we use register data to make an economic evaluation. Here we examine if there is a difference between the control and intervention group in the contact with  the health care system in the form of their health costs, if there is a difference in their social costs and if there is differences in labor market affiliation and thus their productivity costs. Finally we examine if the intervention is cost effective compared to the control group.

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Last Updated 22.03.2021