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Research Areas

The programme will focus on translational aspects and mainly endorse projects that can improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. To do so, the Translational Cancer Hub organised into 8 thematic areas and the hub is overseen by a steering committee with members from each area.


Just as cancer has its hallmarks, so does the Translational Cancer Hub. The hub has 8 thematic areas essential for understanding cancer development and treatment. The 8 areas are not to be considered as silos but are deeply interveened, and the hub acts as fertile ground for collaboration across the 8 areas. To further bolster this and motivate crossdisciplinary work, each area is chaperoned by a fundamental and a clinical scientist.

You can learn more on each of the areas below and meet the members of the steering committee governing the Translational Cancer Hub.

Steering committee

With 2 representatives from each thematic area, the steering committee act as the governing board for the Translational Cancer Hub.

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Last Updated 10.08.2023