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Significant Achievements

Establishment of the Innovation Lab

The Innovation lab  is a hub to foster new and emerging technology trends in the digital era. It is a new space that enables researchers, students and professionals to explore the role of digital technologies as well as co-develop new applications and interfaces in terms of Industry 4.0 and digitalization. 

The Innovation Lab is a space that fosters innovation for researchers, students and professionals alike. The concept facilitates the innovation process in a unique setting. It is a research lab to test out and to demonstrate research with digitalization and automation.

The center of the lab is the “igloo”, which is a sound-suppressing circular meeting and presentation room. The igloo connects the lab with other labs virtually and we can demonstrate collaboration at a distance.

The Innovation lab consists of the physical Smart Factory lab, the simulation lab and the VR lab. 

The Lab offers the following:

Virtual and augmented reality for digital prototyping of products and production
Computer simulation to model production systems as digital industry 4.0 applications
Data science where we work with data analytics, Big data and Machine learning
Digital twins as virtual models to perform advanced analyses
Building of adaptable and reconfigurable automation equipment.
Collaborative robot solutions
Matrix production

The lab is a living lab that evolves over time always trying to illustrate the trends within digitalization and automation.
The Innovation Lab was established with generous funding from the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation and support from the European Interreg 5A Programme.


Head of Section, Associate Professor Arne Bilberg

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