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Balancing financial, social, and environmental values: can new ventures make an impact without sacrificing profits?
Giones F., Ungerer C., and Baltes G.
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing 12, 39-57 (2020)

Bound for Glory or Cursed for Life? Exploring the Impact of Initial Resources on the Venture Emergence of New Technology-based Firms

Giones F. and Miralles F.
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, 12, 143-160 (2020)


Caught between the users and the firm: How does identity conflict affect employees' innovative behavior

T. G. Schweisfurth, C. Raasch
Creativity and Innovation Management


Effectuation vs. Causation: Can established firms use Start-Up Decision-Making Principles to stay innovative?

P. Henninger, A. Brem, F. Giones, P. Bican, and C. Wimschneider

International Journal of Innovation Management, vol 1 (2020)


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