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At SDU RIO, we want to support and advise our researchers so that they ultimately give the greatest value to society.  We therefore conduct outreach information work in the academic environments, which involves providing our various activities and advising the individual researcher. The term scouting covers three types of activities, namely

  • ScoutingINFO
    The aim is to give an introduction to SDU RIO and a brief review of the commercialisation work at SDU and our many activities. We hold the presentations in plenary sessions, where researchers are already gathered, such as group or departmental meetings, at PhD schools or during project management training.

  • ScoutingFOCUS
    Through 1:1 meetings with the researcher, we uncover potential activities that can develop the researcher's activities in a commercial direction. It can be in the form of new types of funding, a commercialisation process or contact with a company. In addition, we provide a review of how SDU RIO can support activities.

  • ScoutingPARTNER
    Together with company representatives or investors, we invite 5-7 theme-based research groups to present their research areas and results in one day. This leads to new insights for the research groups and is often the seed for establishing business partnerships with our partners.

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